Maura Byrne

Busy SO busy!

I hope you’re still talking to me because I promise I haven’t been ignoring you on purpose! It’s just that the days here in Herr Wolf’s have got even more packed full. We’ve been doing loads of choir practice because Miss Joyce entered us into the Howl Harmonies Competition next week. We’re having extra shape shifting practice (UGH!) for no reason. I’m forced to do more inner wolf therapy because the Principal says I’m not making progress. We have lab classes to discover how to cure our wolf diseases, claw clinic sessions to sort out our fur, claws and nails. The how to kill a vampire lessons are still happening tough I dearly wish they were changed to how to love a vampire. And every night (when I’m supposed to be sleeping) I go on Howlo to welcome new members. Molly’s become a member too (with a false identity of course.) The Principal would expel me on the spot if she found that out! Sometimes in class my brain is so tired I go from feeling my eyes shutting to snoring my head off on the desk. ZZZZ. I feel like doing that now xxxx

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