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Happy Birthday Pidge

Posted by on Wednesday 10 December 2014. No Comments on this post.

It’s my birthday today so Katy organised a little party. oh and everyone’s calling me Pidge now.


I was SO excited and imagined in my mind lots of chocolate cakes with whipped cream and sprinkles on top, lots of tiny trifles with gloopy custard and cherries, oddles of cheeeewwwwy sweets in the shape of cup cakes and sticks of rocks, bags of sherbet and lollipops…

Well that not what I got!!! You see Miss Flanagan heard about the party and she insisted on organising the food…and what a disaster that was.

Baked weasel pie (with bits of fur poking out of the pastry! ewww!), bar-b-queed  mice  on sticks (I’m sick thinking about it!) and for dessert jelly made of blood covered in chewed rabbits feet. PASS THE BUCKET NOW!!

It was the worst birthday party ever. I WANT A CUP CAKE NOW!!!


xoxoxo B

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