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Mickey Mac the Leprechaun Strikes Again!!

Posted by on Thursday 12 March 2015. No Comments on this post.

Something really weird (but in a good way!) happened this morning at breakfast. You know how we’re supposed to eat live mice breakfasts to make us like eating meat, UGH!!! Well, today when we went down  to the kitchen, all the mice were acting REALLY strangely….! I mean really S-T-R-A-N-G-E!

All the mice were standing up on two legs and they looked like they were jigging across their cages. Some of them had sparkling eyes and they were squeaking in a high pitch, like they were happy or something.

The Principal was called in and Mr Boyle took all the cages down to the Science Lab for investigation. Mr Boyle came down to the farm at lunchtime to tell us that Mickey Mac (the most famous leprechaun in the whole wide world) must have bitten the mice and turned them into mice-leprechauns.

How crazy is that?

xo xo Pidge

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