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Which is Worse??? – A fur ball or a blud flake?????

Posted by on Tuesday 07 July 2015. No Comments on this post.

Today Katy, Molly and me had a game of ‘Which is Worse’???  The thing was we dared each other to eat…either a fur ball or blood flakes to see which one tasted the worst!!!!!

I started first. I’ve already eaten plenty of fur balls but Katy made an extra special, large, ginormous, ball of smelly fur and forced me to shove it into my mouth. Yeeeeccch! I almost threw up on the spot. I couldn’t swallow it. The fur tickled and it kept on sticking to my tonsils and making me GAGGGG! Eventually, after coughing, spluttering and retching (that like sounding as if you’re throwing up!!) I swallowed the ball of wet fur and gulped. Would it stay down? YES, it did – Yay! Next I nibbled on a blud flake…which was positively yummy after that.

Katy couldn’t even swallow the fur ball. She said her vegetarianism stopped her and she hated the blud flake too because anything bloody is sickening to her. Molly, oh Molly, you are SO funny. She swallowed everything with no problems and a big giggle (that’s because she doesn’t FEEL anything). Of course, Molly won the game! Ha ha!

xoxoxo B

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