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A fur ball…NOOOOOOO!

Posted by on Thursday 09 October 2014. 2 Comments on this post.

It’s happened again…a hair ball stuck in my throat after shape shifting. It’s SO disgusting and definitely, positively the worst thing after shape shifting. I just woke up and started coughing. I thought I was going to pass out with all the coughing until Katy grabbed me from behind and lifted me up. Suddenly a lump of fur flew out of my mouth. It looked like the masses of hair that get left behind in the shower plug hole. Ew! Is this what I have to look forward to????? Bridget xoxoxo

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2 Responses to “A fur ball…NOOOOOOO!”

  1. ioma jones says:

    This book/blog is interesting ,do you mind the age of the reader?(remember Harry Potter!)
    I am in my early sixties ..and Bridget the Werewolf Rehab …reminds me of feelings I had one time ,after being on a very serious macrobiotic diet,and finding my feet walking into a fried chicken establishment and ordering a bucket of chicken,hiding myself in a dark corner and polishing the lot…only to find that my body(carnivorous tendencies and my mind (vegan and ethical) were not one and the same ..I haven’t changed,still have those Werewolf times where the carnivore takes over,still have the vegan and ethical paradox.I Hope to learn from Briget the Werewolf Rehab …Good Luck with the book and many more .X ioma

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