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How to play pass the weasel

Posted by on Monday 20 February 2012. No Comments on this post.


I think I’m going to be sick. No really! We’ve just played the game ‘Pass the Weasel’ and it’s so gross.

It’s  a bit like pass the parcel. First of all everyone sits in a circle. Second of all we pass around a parcel. The parcel squeals and jumps because there’s a weasel inside. Every time Miss Joyce says ‘stop,’ the person who is holding the parcel has to remove a layer of wrapping paper. Round and round and round the parcel grows getting smaller and smaller and noisier and noisier.

My legs were quaking I was so afraid that I’d be the last one. I almost was, you know. I felt the weasel’s fur poking out when I took off the second last wrapper. Dev was sneezing all over on account of his allergy to fur. But Eddie’s eyes were flashing with delight and when Miss Joyce said to stop for the last time, Eddie grabbed the package and shoved it into his mouth. I couldn’t bear listening to the weasel’s cries so I ran off.

Bet you’re glad you’re not a werewolf!  x x Bridget

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