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Howling Practice

Posted by on Tuesday 06 March 2012. No Comments on this post.


The one class I love at Herr Wolf’s Rehab is singing practice. It’s the funniest forty minutes of the day. Miss Joyce is always trying to get us to stop laughing at each other but most of the time she fails. Like today.  Roald was trying to howl. He tilted back his head,closed his fluttering eyes and opened his mouth.  ‘How-uuuullll,’ he started. All of a sudden, his long tongue (which really has a mind of it’s own) tumbled out of his mouth making  him sound like he was about to throw up. Everyone went into hystertics. He guffawed and his twitching tongue couldn ‘t help itself because the tip of it reached out and gave Simonetta a long lick. Uggh! Simonetta was good about it though! She gave Roald a tap on his nose and wiped her face.

Miss Joyce rolled her eyes and asked Miguel to have a go. Miguel was worse. He can’t even howl. He sounds like a strangled cat (‘Hwwwahh’) and his face gets very red from the effort. He doesn’t mind when we laugh at him. He says he likes it. Katy is calling me…Bye for now Bridget 


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