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I just saw the leprechaun Mickey Mac

Posted by on Monday 14 May 2012. No Comments on this post.

Hi there

Just as I was walking back up the fields from the farm (on my own) I heard some faint singing, like, Fiddle Diddle Dee. I walked in the direction of the singing and then I heard a tapping sound.

I came out from behind the trees and there he was…Mickey Mac the famous leprechaun. I knew it was him because he had a large pointy black hat on his head and he was wearing a green waistcoat and green trousers.

My heart almost stopped. What if he bites me? I immediately ran behind a tree and peeked out. He was banging a small hammer on the sole of a shoe, singing away to himself. I wanted to stay and watch him but the school bell rang and I had to leave. I’d be afraid to go back on my own so Katy says she’ll come with me later. It’s so exciting, I can’t wait!

I’ll let you know how we get on. Bye xx Bridget

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