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The Principal and the Leprechaun Bite

Posted by on Tuesday 20 March 2012. No Comments on this post.

Hi ya

Today in science class Mr Boyle started telling us about the leprechauns that live around Mallow.  Mr Boyle says there’s a very mischievous leprechaun named Mickey Mac who sometimes comes close to Herr Wolf’s because he loves biting werewolves. After last year’s ‘incident’ with Mickey Mac, he said they had to put an extra barking attendant at the gate.

‘What incident?’ we all whispered, hardly able to breathe from the suspense.

Mr Boyle’s eyes bulged a little. ‘Oh well, Mickey Mac  only went and bit the Principal, didn’t he.’ Everyone started to laugh but Mr Boyle hushed us up. ‘It wasn’t a funny matter at all. The Principal wasn’t right for a week. She started dancing jigs uncontrollably, on the stairs, in her office and down at the farm. We just couldn’t stop her. And when she wasn’t dancing, she was singing  like a banshee. ‘Tour-ah Lour-ah, Lour-ah, Tour-ah, Lour-ah Lay, a Werewolf’s life is the only way.’

The idea of the Principal acting crazy made us all lose control of ourselves. Even Eddie started rolling around on his chair laughing.

It’s still funny. Ha ha Bridget



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