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The Werewolf VERSUS Vampires debate continues…

Posted by on Friday 22 March 2013. 2 Comments on this post.

The WEREWOLF versus VAMPIRE debate continues…Some kids think that werewolves have the edge ,howling, a mouthful of big teeth, running really fast and others think that vampires are cooler, more beautiful and flying tops everything. Keep telling me which you prefer!

In other news, I’m cleaning out my straw bed today. I was scratching for most of the night and discovered several fleas (UGGGGHHHH!) in my straw. We only get to change our straw once a month so I’ve just sprinkled perfume all over it. The smell is pretty overpowering. Hold on, I think I’m going to sneeeze….Ah, that’s better. I’ll open the window in a minute. The quiz over in Dracul’s is tomorrow night. I can’t wait to see Mollai again!!! Eddie wants to bite their heads off. GRRRR!



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2 Responses to “The Werewolf VERSUS Vampires debate continues…”

  1. Emma says:

    Wow I SOO loved that book! It was the best book I EVER read!!!
    It was very funny and really thrilling in parts, I just could not
    take my eyes off it. I give this book 90000 out of 10!! ;-D

    And last but not least my favourite character was everybody although I
    do prefer vampires!
    (But the werewolves were really cool and funny aswell)

    • Bridget says:

      Emma I’m THRILLED to hear you loved Bridget in Werewolf Rehab so much. Don’t forget to tell all your friends. If you want to post your review on, that would be wonderful. Just search under ‘Bridget in Werewolf Rehab’ and you can write what you want. Thanks again, Maura

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