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Hi friends

We learned in class today about WEREspeak. Thanks to our human vocal chords we can speak when we change into wolves. Because we’re animals we can also use howls, growls, whimpers and yelps to communicate!

It’s hard to understand what Roald is saying when he’s an animal. It’s his tongue you see. It’s so large that when he talks he sounds like he has a lisp. ‘Path the thuirrel,’ he muttered yesterday when we were playing ‘Pass the squirrel.’ That was an easy one to translate but most of the time we haven’t a clue what he’s on about.

For example, Roald said: ‘let’th go down to the farm for a thuper duper thandwich of thumptious wolf treats.’ And he’s always going on about my ‘thall paws.’ ┬áThall paws? What are they?

If you can work out what Roald just said, PLEASE email me!

Until later xxxx Bridget


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