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Werewolves versus Vampires – which do you prefer?

Posted by on Wednesday 06 March 2013. 2 Comments on this post.


Here’s my list so far

WEREWOLVES                     VS               VAMPIRES

We smell like stinky poos                     They smell of nothing

We can’t fly                                                 They fly, glide, swoop, buzz, whizz, zoom, dive, soar, hoover

We are hairy-looking                              They have mesmerising eyes and skin

We’re filthy, noisy eaters                      They drain the blood and leave no mess

We dress crazy                                          They’re groomed and perfect

We have lots of feelings                         They never feel a thing

We are mostly human                            They are ALWAYS undead

We can change into animals                They always stay the same

We have a sense of humour                 They are almost never funny (though Molly is!)

We can howl, growl and snarl             They can’t even sing

We’re athletic                                             They’re allergic to sport

If you think of any more, PLEASE email me! Bye Bridget



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2 Responses to “Werewolves versus Vampires – which do you prefer?”

  1. jasmine says:

    I want to be a vampire they can fly and plus you look way prettier

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